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Silverpine Lodge Architecture:

“By the time Peter Beaven was awarded the new Zealand institute of Architects’ Gold medal in 2003, he had been in practise for over 50 years. He had long been recognised as as one of NZ’s leading architects”. Dr Ian Lochhead, Assoc.Professor of Art History. Afterword “Peter Beaven ARCHITECT” 2016

I didn’t know this. I met him some years prior to him being be-medalled. At the time I was living on the West Coast of the South Island. He had run out of gas in his car, many miles from the nearest town. I filled his vehicle with enough chainsaw fuel to get him to the next petrol station.
Before he disappeared up the road in front of a cloud of blue smoke, he told me he was in my debt and handed me a card on which he had written in a beautiful hand:

Peter Beaven – Architect.
“If you ever need a designer give me a call”

Years later, we did need an architect. So I phoned him and he recalled our encounter.
Being good to his word, he drove for 5 hours the next day to meet us at our site.
He took a long look at the panorama. (He took a shorter one at the pages of plans I had drawn up, dropping them to the ground with the comment ‘You really screwed that up’)
After some musing, he pronounced “This is a huge landscape. We shall do nothing mean here.”
I was without a clue on the implications of that, but I agreed with him. I’m so glad I did so.
His contextual design thrills us. It does the same to our guests.
The vaulted ceilings and warm native woods, connect harmoniously to the mountain flanks and lake
It is built of the native earth, rock and timbers of the Southern Alps, becoming part of them again.

Four spacious, luxurious ensuite rooms comprise the guest wing. Quartz floors (with subfloor heating) and panoramic (double glazed) windows are a conduit to the massive outdoors. The finest cotton, wool and natural fibres ensure your sleeping comfort. Natural, sensitive, New Zealand-made lotions and washes are yours in the bathrooms. The dining hall, adjacent to the leather-furnished guest living room looks out over the lake, and next to this is the huge kitchen – Sue’s domain. In pride of place is the immense, ancient, iron Aga stove, swapped to Mike for a bottle of whisky.

For a quiet place to chill, the informal adjacent lounge provides guests with a library of written works relating to New Zealand history, nature, culture and legend. The walls are adorned by works by local artists, and share the space with pieces from lesser, foreign luminaries such as Chagall and Dali. Wifi links you to the outside world, with a Mac computer, available for your use. A quiet place to relax, to contact your family and friends, to read a book, or to de-stress. From what?

Note: There is no Plasma TV in your room. We suggest you finish that book. Silverpine is a television-free zone.

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